Irwell Hill Residences is a brand new condominium that is located in the prime neighbourhood of River Valley.  This location is one of the prime residential places coveted by both locals buyers and foreign investors.  Located near the Singapore River, with close proximity to Roberson Quay and Orchard Road, Irwell Hill Floor Plan comprises layouts ranging from Studio to 4-bedroom units to meet the needs of future residents.  The development sits on a generous elevated land plot of an estimated 137,634 square feet, surrounded by lush greenery.  It’s an amazing experience that residents can enjoy living in a botanical garden without leaving the city! 

Whether you are a single resident or a multi-generational family, the developer has thoroughly studied the needs and expectations of different home buyers and incorporated them into the design of Irwell Hill Residences.  Leveraging on the lush natural surroundings, architects from 2 renowned companies, MVRDV of Netherlands and ADDP from Singapore, set forth to create an environment that is centered on ‘nature living in the city’.  

Nothing was spared to transform this valuable site into a botanical paradise for the enjoyment of its future residents.  As such, ample consideration has been devoted to ensuring the Irwell Hill Floor Plan offers layouts that are both functional and comfortable, where residents can enjoy their garden home in the city.

Irwell Hill Residences comprises 540 units in a pair of 36-story towers, namely the North and South Tower.  Being located a minute’s walk to the Great World MRT and Great World City shopping mall, residents can enjoy great convenience to amenities and accessibility throughout the island.  It is no wonder that this development appeals to both home buyers and investors!  With a comprehensive range of configurations in the Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan, the development is able to meet the different needs ranging from single residents to multi-generational families, 

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Type A1

37 sqm / 398 sqft

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type A1



Type A2S

42 sqm / 452 sqft

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type A2S


Type A2S(b)

46 sqm / 495 sqft

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type A2S(b)


Type A3S

42 sqm / 452 sqft

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type A3S


Type A3S(b)

46 sqm / 495 sqft

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type A3S(b)


Type A4S

42 sqm / 452 sqft

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type A4S


Type A4S(b)

47 sqm / 506 sqft

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type A4S(b)



Type B1(b)

56 sqm / 603 sqft 

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type B1(b)


Type B2(b)

57 sqm / 614 sqft 

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type B2(b)


Type B3(b)

57 sqm / 614 sqft 

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type B3(b)


Type B4(b)

58 sqm / 624 sqft 

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type B4(b)



Type B5(b)

61 sqm / 657 sqft 

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type B5(b)


Type B6(b)

61 sqm / 657 sqft 

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type B6(b)


Type B7(b)

62 sqm / 667 sqft 

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type B7(b)


Type B8(b)

62 sqm / 667 sqft 

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type B8(b)


Type B9(b)

63 sqm / 678 sqft 

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type B9(b)



Type C1(b)

80 sqm / 861 sqft 

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type C1(b)



Type C2(b)

118 sqm / 1,270 sqft 

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type C2(b)



Type D1(b)

143 sqm / 1,539 sqft 

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type D1(b)


Type D2(b)

147 sqm / 1,582 sqft 

Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan Type D2(b)

As River Valley is a prime district located in the city and close to entertainment venues such as Robertson Quay, many investors are attracted to the appeal of its location and the ready tenant pool.  For investors, their focus is to maximize their investment to generate the highest return possible.  As such, the 1-bedroom and studio layouts in the Irwell Hill Floor Plan are very attractive as the amount of investment required is much lower.  Furthermore, the 1-bedroom or studio units are also well sought after as there are many tenants who are single residents or a couple.  

The most compact layout in the Irwell Hill Floor Plan is the studio unit which has an estimated floor area of 398 square feet.  This layout does not come with a balcony or any partitions except for the bathroom.  Despite its size, the layout is very spacious and functional without any wastage of space.  The unit layout includes an open concept L-shape kitchen with a dining area, a spacious living area for sofa and coffee table, and ample room for a large double bed.  For the ease of renting out, the unit comes equipped with essential kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom fittings. 

In addition to the studio layout, Irwell Hill Floor Plan has a wide range of 1-bedroom layouts to meet different needs.  All the 1-bedroom units come with a spacious master bedroom and a study area.  Homebuyers can choose a study area near the master bedroom or near the main entrance.  The presence of a study area is very useful as residents of 1-bedroom units may need a dedicated work area with the growing trend of working from home.  

Furthermore, the study area can be converted for other functions depending on individual needs.  The additional study area near the bedroom can double up as a walk-in wardrobe or a storage area while the study near the entrance can also be converted into an enclosed study room or a storage area. 

Besides the option of the study area, the 1-bedroom layout in Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan also provides home buyers the additional option of not having a balcony.  The developer is providing this option to allow the buyers to pay for what they want.  For investors, this would mean they can select a lower quantum purchase without the balcony to maximize their investment yield.  For residents who do not have balconies, they can still enjoy the view of the city by using the roof terraces located above the 36th floor of every tower.  

More than half of the units in the Irwell Hill Condo Floor Plan are dedicated to the 2-bedroom configuration.  There are a total of 9 stacks of 2-bedroom units in the development with 5 stacks in South Tower and 4 stacks in North Tower.  The floor area of the 2-bedroom units ranges from 603 square feet to 667 square feet.  The compact 2-bedroom layout consists of 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  The most conventional layouts for such units would offer an open straight kitchen.  However, for Irwell Hill Residences, this compact layout of 603 square feet offers a C-shaped kitchen with the flexibility to convert into an enclosed kitchen.

For small families that require an additional bathroom, the 2-bedroom Premium collection in the Irwell Hill Residences Floor Plan offers a spacious floor area starting from 657 square feet.  This Premium configuration includes an additional bathroom and a C-shaped kitchen with the flexibility to transform into an enclosed kitchen, which some prefer for heavy cooking. 

Homebuyers who are looking for 3-bedroom units can consider 2 layouts in the Irwell Hill Floor Plan.  The first layout is the compact 3-bedroom configuration which has a floor area of 861 square feet.  This unique 3-bedroom layout features a wide frontage living and dining area.  This means that both the living and dining area is able to access the balcony directly.  This layout is usually available for larger units as it features a larger than usual living and dining area.  

However, Irwell Hill Floor Plan is able to offer this configuration for its compact 3-bedroom layout.  If you desire more living space, the 3-bedroom Premium layout offers a floor area of 1270 square feet.  It comes equipped with both dry and wet kitchens, a storage room, a utility yard, and an additional washroom near the yard. 

For home buyers with larger families or multi-generational families, Irwell Condo Floor Plan offers 2 types of 4-bedroom layouts that have a floor area starting from 1539 square feet.  The 4-bedroom layout offers a large master ensuite, a junior ensuite, 2 spacious common bedrooms, a private lift to the unit, the convenience of both the wet and dry kitchens, and a spacious utility yard area.  

In addition, the 4-bedroom layout also features a spacious living and dining room that opens up to a large balcony that overlooks the beautiful city.  For the larger 4-bedroom layout with a floor area of 1582 square feet, the master bedroom includes a cozy balcony for residents to enjoy the breathtaking views of the surroundings from the comfort of their bedroom.  

Last but not least, the Irwell Hill Floor Plan offers limited units of penthouses located on the 36th story in both the North and South Towers.  Come and experience this extraordinary development in the prime location of River Valley.  Make an appointment today for a visit to the Irwell Hill Residences Showflat!


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